Project Shelter

Project Shelter is a social enterprise that sells camping gear that you can pick up when you arrive to the festival. Here's how it works!
Reserve your camping gear online, and it will be available upon your arrival at the festival. Just select one of our featured Aiken Bluegrass camping gear packages, and it will be ready for you on-site for pick up at the Aiken Bluegrass General Store. 
Pre-order your full camping packages by clicking here. To purchase other gear à la carte, visit Project Shelter, and select “Onsite Pick-Up (Aiken Bluegrass)” in the shipping options during checkout. 
Don’t forget that after the festival is over, give Project Shelter any equipment that you don't want to lug back home. Project Shelter will make sure it gets donated to nonprofits such as Feed the Children, 501 (c)3,  who make sure items are delivered to refugees and victims of disaster.
Note: Gear packages do not include festival or camping passes.